Jeremy Wendelin


Tony Luke

Lead guitar slinger, soulful shouter, and fine guitar repairman

David Brenowitz


Born in Brooklyn NY, David Brenowitz has always been a rhythmic explorer. As a young artist in the city, he shared the stage and/or recorded with the likes of, blues legend Willie Dixon, jazz pianist Peter Nero and the Sambura Orchestra. In the Denver area, Eddie Turner, Hazel Miller, the Hornbuckles, Celtic-fusion artist Arvel Bird, Reverend Hooch (Steve Mignano), Kirby Velarde, The Closers, The Blues All-stars and others. As a kid he got to be a student of rock drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck). His style evolved into a mix of rock, funk, jazz and blues. When asked about favorite projects, David replied "I like a multi-genre musical group. Give me a funk-in-the-pocket groove with soul and a gritty ambience."